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We Go BEYOND Hyper-Targeting

In a nutshell, we are able to target decision-makers (owners, CEOs, VPs of any department, buyers) in every industry - based on their titles, the domains of their business email, the SIC code classification, number of employees of their business... Without buying lists or going through conventional trade listings, we target them with specifically tailored messages to solve their business challenges.

We target the decision-makers with video and display ads in their personal accounts as well as their business accounts. They see your message while looking at their kid’s photos on Instagram, while they have political arguments on Twitter and Facebook, and before they watch a YouTube video... These ads are more tailored to the user and therefore have a higher engagement rate.

The key to the whole thing is that we are able to data-mine and connect the decision-maker’s business identity and firmographic data to their personal social media profiles and other touch points like their personal Gmail account, across all web assets any time they get on the web without even having to know their contact's name or Email. It is all done with encrypted databases where identities are protected but can be matched using hashed names, emails, phone numbers and more.

You can sign up for any ad platform in the world and never have this capability.

Some of Our Strategies

Identify and target your prospects' colleagues

It is commonplace in the B2B world to run into a prospect who is too busy. They become a bottleneck preventing you from accessing the decision-maker.

Our strategy makes your product or service visible to everyone who surrounds your contact as well as those who they report to.

Target everyone in a sector who has the same position as your top contacts

You know who your ideal target is. Find thousands of people in the same position across hundreds or thousands of companies.

This is a very powerful strategy to become a known entity to a whole class of decision-makers, across industries.

Target relevant decision-makers in an entire vertical

Make your service or product known to everyone that matters within an entire industry.

This is analogous to having your own tradeshow going 24/7.

Everyone you target is in the right industry and potentially in need of your solution.

Cause two or more groups to interact to create a desired outcome in a B2B2C setting

As an example, you could cause someone else's customers to reach out to them in need of your solution.

Do this while simultaneously offering your product or service to the B2B buyers in the right position.

Increase capacity by attracting talent from your competitors

Hiring the right talent is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge and this is stunting growth in many businesses.

Show talented people how much better it is to work for your company. Target those who hold certain titles within a range of your location.

Target people based on the domain of their business email and use the same strategy to attract talent from your competition.

Target every decision-maker in a list of companies

If you are surrounded by businesses whose employees could use your service, this could be the perfect strategy for you.

You can target ALL of your prospective clients with this strategy regardless of their location.

All that is needed for this strategy is a list of domains and we do the rest. We can even find them for you.

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