6 Compelling Strategies for B2B Marketing in 2022

Nile Three


Nile Three’s goal is to provide marketing solutions that stand out from the competition, making it easier to form meaningful B2B relationships that go far beyond the typical B2B process. 

Our six primary strategies have helped a multitude of businesses develop new, evergreen revenue streams and engage with C-level decision-makers at some of the largest companies in the United States. 

ProPride Hitch and McDurmon Distributing have benefited from our system, finding new ways to showcase their product line to dealers across the country – and even outside of our national borders. 

Product and brand awareness, along with increased sales, have increased for both companies. ProPride Hitch features the 3P Hitch, an industry standard in the towing world, and McDurmon supplies aftermarket marine parts, boasting a newly minted relationship with RECmar Distributing. 

PPH graph

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Recently, Peter Fourgerousse, VP of Digital Marketing at Nile Three, detailed how six fundamental approaches can dramatically increase brand and product awareness. Through focused targeting, Nile is able to quickly establish B2B connections.

The following points are identified on the Nile Three home page. For the sake of being thorough, Fougerousse added detailed explanations for each step.

No. 1: Identify and target your prospects' colleagues

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It is commonplace in the B2B world to run into a prospect who is too busy. They become a bottleneck preventing you from accessing the decision-maker.

Our strategy makes your product or service visible to everyone who surrounds your contact as well as those who they report to.

“This is a really great way to expand the reach of your existing prospecting list,” Fougerousse said. “There’s a lot of information in that list which we can use to draw on, in order to expand the reach to even 10-fold. We can do that because we can target – using our proprietary data-mining tools – we’re able to target anyone in the organization that your contact works in… who is either working in the same position as them, or is their superior…”

Don’t let other peoples’ business get in the way of your goals, Fougerousse added. Often times, there are other avenues to reach your desired point of contact. 

“People not responding, too busy – using this strategy, you can find people who are motivated by different incentives or have different methods of approaching services and vendors of different kinds,” Fougerousse said. “As a result, you can take a mediocre contact list of prospects and turn it into a really great marketing list.”

No. 2: Target everyone in a sector who has the same position as your top contacts

Archery Target

You know who your ideal target is. Find thousands of people in the same position across hundreds or thousands of companies.

This is a very powerful strategy to become a known entity to a whole class of decision-makers, across industries.

“What exactly the persona of the prospects they’re targeting are… the industry may be a very vast one, and it may be difficult to identify all of those people within that industry,” Fougerousse said. “This is a great strategy, where you can start out with a sample – let’s say 10 percent of your potential market – use that group, allocate a small budget and see how they respond. You can take your service or product nationwide and quickly ramp-up the recognition of your product or service.”

No. 3: Target relevant decision-makers in an entire vertical

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Make your service or product known to everyone that matters within an entire industry.

This is analogous to having your own tradeshow going 24/7.

Everyone you target is in the right industry and potentially in need of your solution.

“This is similar to the previous point; the difference is that many services don’t apply to a single department or a particular vision like marketing within an industry – this approach applies to many people within an entire vertical,” Fougerousse said. “Basically, we can expand the reach and target all decision-makers within an entire industry. This is especially useful for very high revenue verticals that have a smaller number of individuals working within the vertical in the United States.”

Fourgerousse provided examples, such as the world of marketing agencies specific to the marine industry (i.e. McDurmon Distributing). 

“There are many examples of this where you have a small number of decision-makers spending billions of dollars – this strategy can blanket those individuals,” Fougerousse said, also noting that ads would show up on the social media profiles, sites that they browse, YouTube and other places online. 

No. 4: Cause two or more groups to interact to create a desired outcome in a B2B2C setting

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As an example, you could cause someone else's customers to reach out to them in need of your solution.

Do this while simultaneously offering your product or service to the B2B buyers in the right position.

“This is one of my favorites because it’s different for every industry. There’s usually a way to use a strategy like this if your product or service is ultimately being resold to the consumer. What you can do in these cases is, you can create a demand for your product on the consumer end, which if done correctly and on the right scale, will in turn cause a reaction amongst your B2B customers,” Fougerousse explained. “ Basically, it’ll lay the groundwork for your sales effort because you can make sure the public essentially serves as a sales team for your product or service.”

No. 5: Increase capacity by attracting talent from your competitors

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Hiring the right talent is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge and this is stunting growth in many businesses.

Show talented people how much better it is to work for your company. Target those who hold certain titles within a range of your location.

Target people based on the domain of their business email and use the same strategy to attract talent from your competition.

“Hiring technical staff, as well as talented managers and creative people, is harder than it’s ever been. The job market for those individuals is one where they have many options. As a result, it is very common that people will attempt to hire, and fail to hire, engineers, software engineers, qualified sales staff and talented managers,” Fougerousse said. 

“This strategy takes a completely alternative approach to the whole problem and allows you to target those people based on the companies they work for and the verticals/industries that they work in, as well their current positions and present them with an opportunity to work for you in their personal social profiles, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. This is something that is really cutting edge and, in our opinion, will eventually make it a lot easier for companies to attract talent. Particularly if they have something that is very visually appealing to the audience they’re targeting.”

No. 6: Target every decision-maker in a list of companies

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If you are surrounded by businesses whose employees could use your service, this could be the perfect strategy for you.

You can target ALL of your prospective clients with this strategy regardless of their location.

All that is needed for this strategy is a list of domains and we do the rest. We can even find them for you.

“In many cases, years of research in a particular industry have yielded a comprehensive list of companies that you know are your target markets,” Fougerousse said. “They may be large companies where you can’t reach decision-makers or companies that employ tens of thousands of people.”

Nile Three can target on any level. 

“In some cases, we have people targeting everyone within a company, when that’s an appropriate strategy. This kind of strategy can be used by local businesses that offer services to the entire population of employees for a large corporation that is in their vicinity ,” Fougerousse said. “Imagine if you offer the service, a personal service, to all the employees of a large corporation like Cisco – and your shop happens to be within 5 miles of their location. You can present an offer that’s particularly tailored to that audience. Also, they’ll see targeted campaign ads everywhere they go on the internet.”